Tokyo Cycling Culture

Documentary YouTube movie from Japan

Dear readers. As an author, I invite you to the premiere of a documentary film “Tokyo Cycling Culture“. This movie was shotted in March. At that time, a massive closure of borders began. Work on it lasted all April at home during lockdown.

This is not my first documentary full length movie, but I have almost 16 years break from this craft. For many years, my passion for photography didn’t allowed me to recall the feelings of cinema. Also we didn’t have such amazing technologies which we have right now. I am glad that I can combine photography and video on a new level. It inspires me, so let the film inspire you!

Hope to se you on premiere!

First 3 minutes from movie is here.

The film itself was shot in just a week, however, it took another month to bring together the disparate stories together before it became the finished story. This film was a test of all equipment and my experience, and at the premiere I was worried as if I had passed the entrance exams. I hope you enjoy the movie and it will inspire you to sit in the saddle yourself.

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Georgiy Romanov.