This is it.

Quarantine officially cancelled on 9th June.

8th June. So, Moscow government officially canceled quarantine and self isolation mode. What does it mean? Life in Moscow start to recover slowly. Self isolation mode is the Russian analogue of lockdown. The authorities did not a state of emergency, but create big fines for those who try to break self isolation. And it was worked.

For more than 2 month all people stayed at home and local businesses was have a big losses. Wasn't support from the government. Russian people are difficult to control because we love freedom, so the authorities have always used fear. The virus it self doesn’t disappear and as for me, this whole situation was an attempt to relieve tension in the world. This is much better than war, I suppose.

The virus has affected my life also. On the one hand, I was able to release a film about Japanese cycling culture, but on the other, I lost my physical form and gained weight. These are the least losses. I also became a victim of scammers and lost almost $2000. It was no my money. It was debt’s money for start my younger brother’s new business and I lost those money. How big was deal? Well, my regular salary as a worker on a plant is no more than 300$ per month. For me is a big money, but this is life. I’m young enough and have enough strength (mental and physical) to recover from that kick of life. We was borrowed money from friends and still to continue bring his idea to life. You can’t retreat halfway.

I had plans to go to Japan for the Olympics in order to go around the country on a bicycle in search of new stories. However, I do not know yet whether these plans will become a reality or not. However, I still have material from previous trips, which I will publish here. In particular, I have enough material to make a second film about Japanese monochrome photography. Stay tuned.

Love to you and to your relatives!

PS In many part of Russia borders are still closed between local regions.