Alone in your own country

But easy to make a friends while travel in Japan.

Homeless person while sleeping near port. Kobe, 2017.

Japan is far far away from Moscow. At least 6 time zones. Sometimes I realize that outside of Russia I have more friends and ask myself why it happens? It’s difficult to make friends in your own country. While traveling outside of Russia I’m super extrovert and can easily make new friends. But inside of my own country I feel myself completely alone while travel.

When I traveled to Japan it was easy to go into a bar and have a conversations. People are curious about me and you are about them. Even with my poor knowledge of Japanese language and their English skills talks was easy. We exchange of ideas. When you traveling inside of homeland nobody is going to ask you because they know everything about you already. I feel myself completely alone while travel in Russia. People also have a negative attitude towards the camera and think that I am sniffing something. It's a terrible feeling that makes me socially distance myself.

In my local town I have a lot of friends. When you are in another city, people think the same way - you have a lot of friends. If not so there must be something wrong with you. Easy to get tired of it. One of the reasons I like traveling in Japan is that it is very easy to work here as a mobile journalist.

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